★ Compulsory Modules (35 CPs): 

I. Risk Management in Industry
II. Project and Quality Management
III. Health and Safety
IV. Communication and Risk Governance
V. Risk Management and Innovation

★ Three optional Modules to be chosen among (15 CPs):

VI. Fire and Explosion Protection
VII.Safety of Chemicals
VII. Business Continuity and Sustainability
IXa. Risk Based Inspection – Basics
IXb. Risk Based Inspection – Advanced
X. Quantitative Risk Assessment
XI. Special Issues

★ Specialization Module to be chosen among (10 CPs):

♦ Petro
♦ Power
♦ Material Engineering
♦ Business Continuity Risks and Financial Risk
♦ Big Data
♦ Business Continuity and Project Risk


NOTE: This overview depicts the modules of the curriculum. A module encompasses several courses. For a more detailed description of the curriculum please download the booklet.